Bringing Beauty & Wellness To Senior Living

We are one of America’s most experienced providers of salon-spas for senior and assisted-living communities. We delight residents with contemporary salon and barber services as well as massage, skincare, and wellness experiences for optimizing health, energy and well-being at every age.

The Best Experience For Your Residents

We delight residents with affordable access to truly upscale salon-spa beauty and wellness services tailored just for them. From the luxurious ambiance and organic products, to treating everyone with genuine affection and the utmost respect, we do our best for both residents and communities.

A Salon-Spa Experience that improves looks… and outlooks

Rejuvenate Salon & Spa by Salon Services is about far more than pampering, relaxing and looking great. It’s about feeling valued, stylish, and well. The unique blend and high caliber of our services are at the heart of what today’s best senior-living and assisted-living communities want: experiences that actively engage residents in staying healthy, engaged and ready to celebrate life at every age.

Our caring, professional staff transforms our services into experiences. Families appreciate how well we know—and pamper—their loved ones. Business partners value how we run our salon-spas. And as we continue to enjoy rapid growth, we give thanks for the privilege of being able to do such good for our clients by doing what we love.

“My grandmother inspired me to start rejuvenate. She had lost so many of her friends and when she walked into the salon she was always hoping for a little “lift”. Instead, the staff treated her as if she no longer really mattered. I wanted our rejuvenate salon and spas to change that – and they are! I’m so proud to have found a cost-effective way to bring exceptionally talented, people-oriented staff into our beautiful salon spas to provide quality haircare, skincare, makeovers, manicures, pedicures and massage services – all tailored to keep seniors your stylish, healthy and engaged. What a privilege it is to work with this population, and with all of our communities!”

Abby Germain

Rejuvenate Salon & Spa Founder